Give a Guru Has Launched

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After months of hard work from many gifted Gurus, we’re thrilled to announce… Give a Guru has lift off!

At Give a Guru we have one simple but special aim: to take your gift giving to whole new levels. We want to say goodbye to socks as presents. We think if you’re going to give someone a gift, it should be something they’ll never forget.

A gift should be a personal experience that shows you really care. Why give a cookbook when you can give a chef? Why buy a housewarming present when you can give an interior decorator?

Our Guru gift packages include advice and assistance from only the cream of the crop in their industry.

A Guru gift package is the perfect combination of thought and heart.

Whether it’s for a colleague or a loved one, with a Give a Guru gift you’ll be giving the priceless gift of time, freedom, experience or exceptional know-how. A gift they’ll never forget.

What is coming?

We’re chatting with fantastic Gurus as we speak, and have some exciting new Guru services coming very soon.

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Take the next gift you give to a whole new level with Give a Guru!